Post-Exertional Malaise

(Post Exertional Malaise)
Understanding PEM
A brief guide to PEM

• Dr Luis Nacul
Co-principal Investigator CureME London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Medical Director of the Complex Chronic Diseases Program at British Columbia Women’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada.

• Dr Christopher Snell
former Chair CFS Advisory Committee to the US Secretary for Health.

• Staci Stevens
Founder the Workwell Foundation

• Prof Mark VanNess
Professor and Co-Chair, Health, Exercise & Sport Sciences,
University of the Pacific. Stockton. CA

• Prof Todd Davenport
Program Director Physical Therapy, University of the Pacific, Stockton. CA

• Dr Nina Muirhead
Dermatology surgeon Buckinghamshire NHS Trust
Chair CMRC Medical Education Working Group

• Dr Nigel Speight
Paediatric Consultant with a special interest in ME
Paediatric medical advisor  ME Association
Medical advisor  25% Group for the Severely Affected.

• Dr David Systrom
Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

• Dr Charles Shepherd
Medical advisor for the ME Association.

• Grace, UK ME/CFS biobank patient


• MEA Summary Review: Assessing PEM (Post-exertional malaise)  Charlotte Stephens, March 2019. ME Association website.

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