Current list of films

Prologue: A dangerous model abandoned as NICE seeks to reform care for ME/CFS patients in 2021  (11 mins)

The Tangled Story of ME/CFS: Controversy, Denigration and Ignorance  (1hr 11 mins)
Ch. 1. ME: the story begins
Ch. 2. ME is rebranded as a psychogenic illness: chronic fatigue syndrome
Ch. 3. A confusing medley of names and definitions undermines research efforts
Ch. 4. The widespread and pernicious impact of a careerist psychiatric lobby
Ch. 5. The devastating failure of the medical profession
Ch. 6. Fundamental systemic injustice

Introduction to ME/CFS  (15 mins)

Understanding Post-Exertional Malaise – a hallmark symptom (15 mins)
Post-Exertional Malaise  (PEM) in ME/CFS –  a brief guide (6 mins)

Activity and Energy Management – Pacing (16 mins)

Severe and Very Severe ME/CFS (15 mins)
Symptoms and Management of Very Severe ME/CFS (19 mins)
Hospital Admission – Issues and alternatives for severely ill ME/CFS patients (16 mins)